ideas created by passion2move

our vision. our philosophy.

We enjoy stepping out of our comfort zone in order to give good ideas a chance to succeed. The only way to disabuse all those doubters is accepting new challenges. We would never stop realizing good ideas as long as there is still a glimmer of hope. Looking beyond the horizon and finding out what comes next is our passion.

we love creative challenges


a unique live communication concept for events and media

Our sandshow is a creative concept for innovative brand communication – live on stage or as an emotional video production for online campaigns. The technique of creating expressive images is an effective advertising solution for live communication, entertainment and infotainment. Since 2008 we have created much more than 100 customized sandart shows causing a strong relationship between the decision-makers and their target group. This state of affairs led to a professionalisation in creating new concepts respecting customer-specific communication guidelines. Therefore we consider ourselves as the right partner for realizing great ideas.


shred the deck

a local wakeboard project with young talents

shred the deck is a creative project we have launched in 2012 in order to create a unique experience with young people. We thought about a project bringing their passion for wakeboarding and our opportunities in producing event and media solutions together. The idea of shred the deck was born very fast and took place at one of our rider’s private homespot in Bavaria. Altogether, the riders, their enthusiasm, enthusiastic spectators and the spirit of this unique and historical location made shred the deck so fantastic.

bamboo illumination

a creative lighting concept for unique stage sceneries

As we have become a longterm service provider for the Bavarian Chinese Spring Festival in Munich we try to realize new ideas every year. This special service is a small courtesy for a trustful cooperation with the Chinaforum Bayern. In this constellation we have developed a unique illumination concept with bamboo pipes as part of the general stage decoration and stylish element within the light shows. Each lighting unit is battery-operated and wireless controlled via DMX. These technical features offer a high flexibility in operation and application areas.

gallery system

an elegant and modular-based frame system

We have developed this frame system on the needs of our projects. Using existing and customary truss solutions for all of our purposes wasn’t an option in some cases. Therefore we have created a very modular and elegant alternative product which should suit our needs. Since then our modular-based frame system is used as a holding construction for XXL paintings, as a discreet lighting module for buffets and as a smart fixing system for spotlights as well as for other event stuff.