we are no agency. we are creators.

concepts. designs. solutions.

Our aim is to offer our customers every kind of service for exceptional projects. We are specialized in concepting, designing ideas and developing solutions from a single source. Managing ideas along the whole process chain on the base of a strong partnership between client and service provider makes the difference. We are open for valuable collaborations and ready to bring new ideas to life.

concentrated competence within a team of unique people

concept management

thinking visionary. acting successful.

People often are talking about the right idea that will change everything in their lives. But only creating an idea is no guarantee for success. We know realizing an idea means following a good concept developed on the base of sound knowledge, an objective evaluation and a clear vision. Within our team of experts we are able to make ideas great.

live communication

specific. individual. unique.

Connecting brands with customers in an experience-oriented way is the main target of live communication. Events offer a high range of opportunities to emotionalize people in order to create a correlation between them and brand related products. We have a high expertise in producing sandart shows representing individual communication goals on the one hand and arousing the audience on the other. From our perspective sandshows are a very valuable tool ensuring an audiovisual highlight experience to each event participant. Besides this unique live performance we naturally offer additional experience-based communication concepts.

relationship management

interacting sustainably.

The application area of relationship management can be extremely versatile depending on the relevant goals. Primarily we focus on the main sectors of relationship management, the relationship between a business and its customers (B2C) as well as the relationship between a business and other businesses (B2B). Today the strategical need of CRM and BRM for companies is tremendous. Efficient solutions for a sustainable relationship management are the keys to success.

corporate communications

everybody has a story to tell.

Communicating in the view of a business is nothing else than storytelling at a strategical level. Using the right communications media for the relevant area of application decides between success and failure. In this constellation it’s very importing to define and implement the right decisions. We as a service provider accompany our clients with the necessary knowledge before, during and after the launch of a new campaign, depending on their individual needs.